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information technology (i t) OR cOMPUTER SCIENCE:

Which field should I pursue?

Information technology is very vast in terms of scale because it is applied virtually to any type of process that may require automation, from business, scientific research to the music industry, telecoms and banking.Computer Science is the study of computer's design and operation. Computer science focuses on using and understanding the algorithmic and mathematical processes that can be applied to computer systems Information technology on the other hand refers to the application of computer programs to solve business processes. It is the application of technology in business.

In India most of the universities offers a Computer Science based IT programmes as that will give the students a greater understanding of both fields as well as wider opportunities.  Hence there is no significant difference between the two courses B.Tech(CSE) and B.Tech(IT).

In most universities in our country the syllabus of B.Tech(IT) and B.Tech(CS) is almost similar .This enables the students to choose a career either in computer science or IT and also to pursue higher education either in computer science or information technology. A comparison of the syllabus offered by M G University is given below

Difference between the syllabus in Computer Science and IT

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The syllabus of the course is uniquely designed to prepare the students to take on appropriate professional positions upon graduation and to grow into leadership positions. In addition to the prescribed university syllabus, the following special initiatives have also been introduced by the department to prepare the graduates to meet the challenges of the dynamically changing IT industry.

Bridging Programming Course for Biology Students

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The IT department of Amal Jyothi college of Engineering currently offers B.Tech programme in Information Technology with an annual intake of 60.The teaching-learning process of the department focuses on laying strong foundations in fundamentals of Information Technology as well as providing training on cutting edge technologies as per the demands of industries. the department is committed to produce top-notch IT professionals tuned with skills essential for success in today's highly competitive and constantly changing IT sector.

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